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Eco 18 Single Desk with 2 Drawer Pedestal

Original price £260.00 - Original price £285.00
Original price
£260.00 - £285.00
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The additional description for the "Eco 18" furniture range highlights its simple and cost-effective design. Here are the key features:

  • 4 Leg Metal Configuration: The furniture in the Eco 18 range is supported by a simple and sturdy 4-leg metal frame. This design provides stability while keeping the overall look clean and minimalist.
  • Range of Widths: Eco 18 furniture is available in various widths, allowing you to select the size that best suits your workspace and storage needs.
  • Added Suspended Pedestal: This furniture range offers the option of adding a suspended single 2 or 3-drawer pedestal. A pedestal provides additional storage space for files, office supplies, or personal items.
  • Top Finishes: The tops of the furniture pieces in the Eco 18 range are available in multiple finishes, including Bavarian Beech, Sorano Oak, and White. These finish options give you the flexibility to choose the one that complements your office decor.

The Eco 18 range continues to provide an attractive and clean style while offering an economical furniture solution. Its thin 4-leg frame, range of widths, and the option to add a suspended pedestal enhance its versatility and functionality, making it suitable for various office settings.