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Radial End- Boardroom Table - Silver Legs

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Radial leg tables offer a versatile and simplistic design characterized by clean lines, making them the perfect choice for various settings—from collaborative spaces to focused work areas. The round tubular screw-in legs, available in chrome, silver, black, and white, complement the 25mm table tops, providing a robust foundation that suits any intended space. These tables are available in different configurations to meet the diverse demands of any user group.

  • 16 Gauge Tubular Steel Radial Legs: The radial tables feature sturdy 16 gauge tubular steel radial legs, available in chrome, silver, black, and white, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance.
  • Integrated Power and Data Modules: Transform the tables into interactive and technologically advanced meeting rooms by adding integrated power and data modules, providing convenient access to electrical outlets and data connections.
  • Table Tops in Beech, Oak, and White: Choose from a variety of table tops in beech, oak, and white finishes, allowing you to customize the tables to complement the aesthetic of your space.
  • Curved Table Top for High-Level Meetings: The curved table top design is the perfect solution for high-level meetings, providing an inclusive and collaborative environment for participants.
  • Deluxe Radial Legs with Screw-In Table Tops: The deluxe radial legs are designed to screw into the table tops securely, offering stability and a polished appearance to suit any meeting space.
  • Radial End Boardroom Table (1000mm): Specifically designed for boardrooms, the radial end boardroom table features 25mm tops with impact-resistant ABS edging, ensuring longevity and durability.

Radial leg tables are not just furniture; they are a versatile solution that caters to collaborative work, focused individual tasks, and high-level meetings. Elevate your workspace with the simplicity, functionality, and technological adaptability of radial leg tables.


Width: 2400; Depth: 1000; Height: 725;