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Maestro 25 - Right Hand Back to Back Ergonomic Desk - Bench Leg Frame in Black

Original price £330.00 - Original price £385.00
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£330.00 - £385.00
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The Maestro 25 Bench from the renowned Maestro 25 desking range is a contemporary and versatile solution for modern offices, seamlessly blending minimalistic design with functional features. With its fully welded H-Frame legs, this bench strikes the perfect balance between individual and group activities, making it an ideal choice for collaborative workspaces.

  • 25mm Desktops in Various Finishes: Desktops available in beech, grey oak, oak, white, and walnut, providing a range of colour options to suit diverse office aesthetics.
  • Primary and Secondary Storage Options: A comprehensive range of primary and secondary storage options accompany the Maestro 25 range, ensuring efficient organization and storage solutions.
  • Ergonomic Left Hand Desktops with H-Frame Leg Return: Ergonomically designed left-hand desktops with a full H-frame leg return, promoting user comfort and convenience.
  • Ideal for Corners or Clustered Configurations: Ideal for fitting into corners or clustered together, maximizing office space and allowing for flexible workspace configurations.
  • Sturdy H-Frame Goal Post Legs: Sturdy H-frame goal post legs available in black, silver, and white, providing both durability and a modern aesthetic.
  • Wide Choice of Leg Styles and Colours: The Maestro 25 range is designed to offer a wide choice of leg styles, colours, and desk sizes, catering to diverse preferences and office layouts.

The Maestro 25 Bench stands as a testament to flexibility and style, making it an excellent choice for offices looking to create collaborative and modern work environments without compromising on durability or aesthetics.