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Maestro 25 - Left Hand Wave Desk - Silver Frame

Original price £340.00
Original price £340.00 - Original price £370.00
Original price £340.00
Current price £220.00
£220.00 - £230.00
Current price £220.00

The description highlights the features of the Maestro 25 desking range, emphasizing its modern design and versatility.

  • Modern Styling: The Maestro 25 desking range is described as having minimal and modern styling, making it suitable for contemporary office spaces. This design approach aims to provide a functional and visually appealing workspace.
  • Multiple Colour Options: The range offers a variety of colour options for the 25mm desktops, including beech, grey oak, oak, white, and walnut. This allows for customization to match different office aesthetics.
  • Welded Double Upright Cantilever Leg Frame: The desks in the range feature a welded double upright cantilever leg frame structure. This design choice enhances the strength and stability of the desks, ensuring durability in commercial office settings.
  • Powder-Coated Finish: The cantilever leg frame is powder-coated for a stylish underframe. This finish not only adds to the visual appeal but also provides protection against wear and tear.
  • Primary and Secondary Storage Options: The Maestro 25 range is accompanied by a wide range of primary and secondary storage options. This ensures that users have access to ample storage solutions to keep their workspace organized.
  • Modern 1400mm Left-Hand Wave Desk: The mention of a modern 1400mm left-hand wave desk indicates a specific desk configuration that provides a larger working area. The cantilever leg design adds a contemporary touch to this desk.
  • Wide Choice of Leg Styles, Colours, and Desk Sizes: The Maestro 25 range is designed to offer a wide choice of leg styles, colours, and desk sizes. This flexibility allows users to select configurations that suit their preferences and workspace requirements.
  • Individual or Side-by-Side Use: The desks in the Maestro 25 range can be used individually or side-by-side. The suggestion of using the left-hand desk alongside the right-hand desk for a full wave effect indicates the adaptability of the range in various office layouts.

Overall, the Maestro 25 desking range is presented as a versatile and customizable solution for modern office environments, catering to different design preferences and functional needs.