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Luna - Monitor Arm

Original price £150.00
Original price £150.00 - Original price £150.00
Original price £150.00
Current price £95.00
£95.00 - £95.00
Current price £95.00

The Luna monitor arms are designed to provide maximum flexibility in the office environment, promoting user comfort and well-being by allowing for optimal monitor positions.

  • Enhanced Flexibility: The monitor arms offer additional horizontal and vertical height adjustability, allowing users to customize the position of their monitors for maximum comfort.
  • Colour Options: Luna monitor arms are available in black, silver, and white, providing options to complement different office aesthetics.
  • One-Touch Height Adjustment: The arms feature a one-touch height adjustment mechanism, making it easy for users to set the desired height. The quick-release, removable VESA mounting plate adds to the convenience.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: Luna monitor arms are designed for quick and easy installation, providing more working area on desks. This feature contributes to a streamlined and efficient workspace.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: The monitor arms are supplied complete with both desk clamp fit and cable port fittings, offering versatility in installation.
  • Weight Capacity: Each arm has a weight capacity of up to 10kg, making them suitable for monitors ranging from 17" to 30". This ensures stability and support for a variety of monitor sizes.

By addressing the importance of correct monitor positions, the Luna monitor arms aim to contribute to a comfortable and ergonomic office environment. Additionally, their affordability makes them accessible for various budgets without compromising on essential features.