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Flux modular storage single wooden cubby shelf

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The Flux modular shelving system continues to embody the future of adaptable and modern design.

  • Finish Options: Flux is available in grey oak or Kendal oak finishes, providing aesthetic versatility to suit different preferences and design requirements.
  • Infinite Configurations: The shelving system maintains its capacity for an infinite number of layout options and shapes. This adaptability allows users to create work zones that cater to specific needs, whether emphasizing privacy or transparency in the workspace.
  • Fully Welded Frame Construction: Flux retains a fully welded frame construction, ensuring ease of installation and added strength. The robust construction contributes to the durability and stability of the modular shelving system.
  • Modular Grid-Based System: Flux continues to function as a modular grid-based shelving and storage system, providing adaptability and flexibility. The modular grid design allows for easy customization, catering to a variety of spatial and functional requirements.

The inclusion of different finish options expands the design possibilities, offering a choice between grey oak and Kendal oak to complement diverse office aesthetics. The Flux shelving system remains a cutting-edge solution for creating dynamic and flexible work environments while maintaining a sleek and cohesive design.


Height: 195; Width: 380; Depth: 420;