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Floor Standing Fabric Screen

Original price £280.00
Original price £280.00 - Original price £340.00
Original price £280.00
Current price £190.00
£190.00 - £215.00
Current price £190.00
SKU 512-B

Free-standing floor screens are essential for creating defined spaces within an open-plan layout.

    • Linking Strips: The screens come with 2-2 panel linking strips for connecting two screens together and 4-4 for connecting four screens together. This linking capability allows for customization and adaptability in dividing spaces.
      • Thickness: The screens are 40mm thick, providing a substantial barrier and acoustic benefits. An additional foam layer is included between the outer fabric and the melamine core for enhanced performance.
        • Height Options: Available in three different heights—1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm—providing flexibility to suit various space requirements and preferences.
          • Slim Profile: Despite their robust and durable construction, the screens maintain a slim profile. This ensures that they effectively divide spaces without being visually overwhelming.
            • Desk Support: Screens can utilize the desk as support, contributing to stability and minimizing the need for additional support structures.
              • Bar Feet: Supplied with bar feet as standard, offering an alternative support option for the screens.
                • Colour Options: Stocked in blue and charcoal, these screens are available in a variety of made-to-order fabric colours. This range of colours allows for customization to match or complement the existing office decor.

                  Overall, these free-standing floor screens provide a practical solution for creating a more segmented and private workspace within an open-plan office layout. The linking strips, range of heights, and colour options enhance their versatility and suitability for various office environments.