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Eternal - Rectangular Boardroom Table - Black Frame

Original price £510.00 - Original price £530.00
Original price
£510.00 - £530.00
Current price £510.00

The Eternal boardroom table offers a sophisticated and customizable solution for various needs. This collection is designed to meet the demands of modern meeting spaces, offering both style and functionality.

  • Integrated Power and Data Modules: These modules can be added to the tables to transform them into interactive and technologically advanced boardrooms. This feature supports modern technology needs in meetings.
  • Modular Extensions: Additional modular extensions provide flexibility, allowing for various configurations to suit different meeting requirements.
  • Finish Options: The tables are available in five finishes, including beech, oak, grey oak, white, and walnut. This range of finishes provides options to match different office aesthetics.
  • Contemporary Styling: The design of the Eternal collection features contemporary styling, making it suitable for today's casual business environments.
  • Flat Circular Base: The tables come with flat circular bases, 600mm in diameter, available in black and brushed steel. This design adds a modern and stylish touch.
  • Rectangular Boardroom Tables: Rectangular boardroom tables with 1000mm width, 25mm tops, and impact-resistant ABS edging provide a functional and durable surface for meetings.