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Eternal - Radial End Boardroom Table - Black Frame

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The Eternal boardroom table collection offers a sophisticated and customizable solution for meeting rooms.

  • Customizable Options: The collection provides robust and customizable options to meet various meeting room needs. With different sizes, shapes, and details, you can tailor the look to fit formal or casual settings.
  • Stylish Bases and Columns: The tables feature stylish flat circular bases with a diameter of 600mm and cylindrical columns. This design adds a sophisticated and modern touch to the boardroom, contributing to contemporary styling.
  • Top Finishes: The tops of the tables are available in five finishes—beech, oak, grey oak, white, and walnut. This variety allows you to choose a finish that complements the overall aesthetics of the meeting room.
  • Integrated Power and Data Modules: The collection offers the option to add integrated power and data modules to the tables. This feature transforms the tables into interactive and technologically advanced boardrooms, providing essential connectivity for electronic devices.
  • Table Shapes: The collection includes circular, rectangular, and radial end meeting tables. The tops have a thickness of 25mm and are equipped with impact-resistant ABS edging, ensuring durability.
  • Contemporary Styling: The design of the Eternal collection is contemporary, making it suitable for today's casual business environments. The aesthetic appeal adds a touch of modernity to the boardroom setting.
    • Base Finish Options: The flat circular bases are available in two finish options—black and brushed steel. This gives you flexibility in selecting a finish that aligns with your preferred colour scheme or design theme.
      • Modular Configurations: The collection supports modular configurations, allowing you to create setups that suit various boardroom and meeting room shapes and sizes. This flexibility ensures that the furniture adapts to the specific layout requirements of your space.

        By combining these features, the Eternal boardroom table collection provides a versatile and sophisticated solution for modern meeting environments, accommodating both style and functionality.


        Width: 2400, Depth: 1000, Height: 725