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Double Drop Down Cable Tray & Bracket for Adapt and Fuze Desks

Original price £90.00 - Original price £125.00
Original price
£90.00 - £125.00
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The Adapt benching solution is a modern and practical office furniture system that combines aesthetics with functionality. Here are some key features of this system:

  • Sturdy Steel Subframe: The system is built on a sturdy steel subframe, ensuring durability and stability.
  • Floating Appearance: The bench tops give the appearance of floating, adding a clean and minimalistic look to the workplace.
  • Shared Desk Legs: Desk legs can be shared, making the system cost-effective and visually appealing, especially in high-density office spaces.
  • Colour Options: The Adapt benching solution is available in three frame colours: silver, white, and black, allowing you to match the system to your office decor.
  • Effective Cable Management: The system features a shared cable tray that is positioned under the desk, allowing cables to be out of the way but easily accessible. Cables can run between two trays for efficient cable management.

The Adapt benching solution is an excellent choice for modern office environments, offering a practical and stylish solution for maximizing workspace efficiency.