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Deluxe Combination Units With Wood Doors & Open Tops - Three Shelves

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The Deluxe range offers versatile and practical storage solutions designed to keep your office organized and tidy. The combination units in this range are specifically tailored to meet the clerical needs of busy companies. Here are the key features of these combination units:

    • 25mm Tops: The combination units feature 25mm thick tops, providing a sturdy and durable surface for various office tasks.
      • 18mm Carcass and Solid Back Panel: These units are constructed with 18mm thick carcasses and solid back panels, ensuring stability and strength.
        • 550mm Deep Premium Combination Units: The combination units have a depth of 550mm, offering ample storage space for office materials. They come with adjustable shelves, allowing you to customize the storage to your specific requirements.
          • Choice of Wood Finishes: The Deluxe range is available in a variety of wood finishes, including beech, white, and oak. These finishes are designed to match desk ranges, creating a cohesive and coordinated office environment.
            • Designed for Clerical Needs: The combination units are designed to meet the clerical needs of busy offices, providing efficient storage solutions for paperwork, files, and other office supplies.
              • Lockable Doors: The upper glass doors and lower wooden doors are lockable, offering security for your stored items. These doors are supplied with two keys for added convenience.
                • Stylish Silver Curved Handles: The units are equipped with stylish silver curved handles, enhancing the overall aesthetics and ease of use.
                  • Adjustable Shelves: The combination units come with adjustable shelves, and additional shelves can be ordered if needed, providing flexibility for your storage needs.

                    In summary, the Deluxe combination units are designed to keep your office organized and tidy while meeting the clerical needs of a busy company. With lockable doors, a choice of wood finishes, and adjustable shelves, these units offer practical and stylish storage solutions for a well-organized office environment.


                    Width: 1020; Depth: 550; Height: 1600;