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Darwin - High Back Leather Effect Executive Armchair with Integral Headrest

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The High Back Leather Effect Executive Armchair is a comfortable and stylish seating option suitable for both home and office use.

    • Leather Effect Material: The chair is designed with a leather effect material, providing a professional and sophisticated appearance. The stylish stitching detail adds to its overall aesthetic.
      • Integral Headrest: The chair features an integral headrest, offering additional neck and head support for enhanced comfort during extended periods of sitting.
        • Thickly Padded Seat and Back: The chair is equipped with a thickly padded seat and backrest, providing cushioning and support for the user. The matching padded armrests offer added comfort for the arms.
          • Seat Height Adjustment: Users can easily adjust the seat height to find the most comfortable and ergonomic seating position.
            • Tension Control: The chair includes tension control, which is adjustable to suit the user's body weight. This feature allows users to customize the chair's recline and tilt to their preferences.
              • Lockable Upright Position: The chair has a lockable feature that allows it to be fixed in an upright position. This is useful when users prefer to maintain a specific sitting angle for tasks that require a more upright posture.
                • All-Day Use (5-8 Hours): This chair is suitable for all-day use, with a recommended usage duration of 5-8 hours. It provides the comfort and support needed for extended work or relaxation periods.
                  • Weight Capacity (110kg): The chair is rated to support users with a weight capacity of up to 110kg, ensuring durability and stability.

                    In summary, the High Back Leather Effect Executive Armchair combines a professional appearance with comfortable features. Its thickly padded seat and back, integral headrest, and adjustable options, such as seat height and tension control, make it a versatile and ergonomic seating choice for all-day use in home offices or workspaces.


                    Seat width: 480; Seat depth: 465; Seat height: 430-530;

                    Back width: 475; Back height: 625;