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Contract - 2 or 3 Drawer Fixed Pedestal

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The Contract storage range is designed to offer versatile and practical storage solutions for maintaining an organized and neat office environment.

    • Wood Finish Options: The Contract storage range is available in three wood finishes: beech, oak, and white. This variety of finishes allows you to choose the one that best matches the overall aesthetic of your office, particularly complementing the Contract 25 desk range.
      • Lockable Drawers: The pedestals are equipped with lockable drawers and come with two keys for added security. This feature ensures that sensitive or confidential documents can be safely stored and accessed only by authorized individuals.
        • Two-Drawer Option: The two-drawer pedestal consists of one shallow drawer and one filing drawer. The filing drawer is versatile, accommodating both A4 and foolscap files. This combination of drawer types allows for efficient organization of paperwork and documents.
          • Three-Drawer Option: In addition to the two-drawer option, there is a three-drawer configuration available with shallow drawers. This configuration is suitable for storing stationery and other office supplies, contributing to a well-organized workspace.
            • Compatibility: The pedestals are designed to be used with Contract 25 H-Frame, cantilever, and panel end desks. This compatibility ensures that the storage solutions can seamlessly integrate into various office setups, keeping the work area uncluttered and organized.
              • Under-Desk Storage: The Contract 25 pedestals serve as versatile under-desk storage solutions. By keeping storage conveniently located under the desk, they help in maintaining an uncluttered work area, promoting a clean and efficient workspace.

                In summary, the Contract storage range, particularly the Contract 25 pedestals, is a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for maintaining office organization. With a choice of wood finishes, lockable drawers, various drawer configurations, and compatibility with different desk types, it offers flexibility to cater to the specific storage needs of any office landscape while contributing to a modern and minimalistic office design.


                Height: 474; Width: 416; Depth: 590;