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Connex - Back to Back Desk - Silver Frame

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The Connex range of office furniture is tailored to meet the needs of modern office design, particularly in open plan offices. It's positioned as a cost-effective alternative to the popular Adapt benching solution.

    • Robust Construction: Connex features a twin fixed beam steel frame construction, which provides durability and strength. This construction is designed to withstand the demands of a busy office environment.
      • High Density Office Spaces: Connex is described as an ideal modular system for high-density office spaces. This means it's suitable for workplaces where there's a need to maximize the use of available space efficiently.
        • Variety of Desktop Finishes: The Connex range offers 25mm desktops available in multiple finishes, including beech, grey oak, oak, walnut, and white. This variety allows for customization to match the office's design and aesthetics.
          • Steel Leg Frames: The desks are supported by extended rectangular steel frameworks, available in silver or white. These frames not only provide additional strength but also contribute to the overall aesthetics of the office space.
            • Cable Management: Connex emphasizes effective cable management. The desks come with both horizontal and vertical cable management solutions. Cables can be neatly organized and routed, minimizing clutter and tangling. Mass cable risers and shared cable trays are provided to facilitate this cable management.
              • Space and Cost Savings: One cost-saving feature is the shared legs between desk clusters, along with a recessed centre leg support. This design optimizes space and minimizes costs when setting up multiple desks in a row.
                • Back-to-Back Desk Configuration: The desks are designed to be placed back-to-back, which encourages collaboration and efficient space utilization, a common requirement in open plan offices.
                  • Quick Assembly: Connex is designed for quick assembly, making it a convenient choice for businesses looking to set up their office spaces efficiently and with minimal downtime.

                    In summary, Connex is a modular bench desk system designed to meet the demands of modern office spaces, with a focus on maximizing space utilization, cost efficiency, cable management, and durability. It's positioned as a practical and robust solution for high-density open plan offices.