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Canasta II PU Chair

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SKU CH0768

The High Back Executive Armchair you've described offers a combination of comfort and functionality for users.

  • High Back Design, provides additional support to the user's upper back and neck.

  • Leather-look finish, which gives it a sleek and professional appearance while being easy to maintain.

  • Swivel Base

  • Fixed Arms

  • Base is made of black nylon, which is durable and sturdy. It is equipped with twin-wheel hooded castors for smooth movement and stability.

  • Stylish stitching detail, which adds a touch of elegance to its design.

  • Lock Tilt Mechanism

  • The tension control can be adjusted to match the user's body weight. This feature allows you to control the resistance when reclining, providing a customized sitting experience.

  • Weight Capacity up to 115 kg (approximately 253 pounds).

Overall, this executive armchair offers a comfortable seating solution with features designed for user convenience and support. Its professional appearance and adjustable elements make it a suitable choice for various office settings.


Width: 650; Depth: 720; Height: 1050 - 1145;

Seat Height: 475 - 570; Seat Width: 520; Seat Depth: 510;

Back Height: 710; Back Width: 520;