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Brescia - Circular Poseur Table - Black Base

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The Brescia collection is designed with simplicity and modern aesthetics, offering a versatile range of tables suitable for a wide variety of workplace environments. These tables come in various sizes, shapes (including square, rectangular, and circular), and heights, making them adaptable to different spaces and purposes within the workplace.

  • Circular Poseur Tables.
  • The 25mm table tops are available in five finishes: beech, grey oak, oak, walnut, and white, providing options to match different office decor styles.

  • Clean and contemporary design, provides exceptional stability and making them suitable for various office settings.

  • Brescia tables are versatile and adaptable, offering users a comfortable dining position and enhancing the functionality of different office spaces.

The Brescia collection of tables is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern workplaces, and their contemporary and versatile design makes them a great addition to office breakout rooms, meeting spaces, and café areas, providing both style and functionality.


Height: 1110; Width: 800; Depth: 800;