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Bisley - Steel Locker - Four Door

Original price £280.00 - Original price £300.00
Original price
£280.00 - £300.00
Current price £280.00

The universal locker range you mentioned offers versatile personal storage solutions suitable for various environments.

  • The lockers are available in two depths, 305mm and 457mm, providing flexibility to suit different storage needs and available space.

  • Choice of either blue or grey doors, allowing you to match the lockers with your existing decor or color scheme.

  • Each locker is fitted with a Secure Camlock that offers 1,000 different master lock combinations, ensuring the security of stored items.

  •  These lockers are designed to withstand demanding work environments, offering high-quality and robust storage solutions.

  • Lockers can be configured by bolting them together at the back and side, allowing you to create a customized locker system that suits your specific needs.

  • Each locker features ventilation holes, which help keep the stored items fresh and well-ventilated.

  • Single-door and two-door lockers include under-shelf coat storage, providing a convenient space to store coats or other clothing items.

  • The lockers are supplied fully assembled, making setup quick and hassle-free.

Overall, this universal locker range offers a practical and secure storage solution for various settings, including production facilities, staff rooms, cloakrooms, and open-plan offices. With options for different door colors, depths, and configurations, you can tailor these lockers to meet your specific storage requirements while ensuring durability and security.