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Arrow Head Leg Rectangular Boardroom Table with Central Cutout and Aero Power Module

Original price £490.00 - Original price £500.00
Original price
£490.00 - £500.00
Current price £490.00

The Arrow Head conference tables are designed with tech-friendliness in mind, making them suitable for modern conference rooms.

  • The Arrow Head tables feature a 272mm x 132mm rectangular cutout in the canter of the table, specifically designed to accommodate the Aero power module, which can enhance the tech capabilities of the conference room.
  • The Aero power module is integrated into the conference table and includes various power and data connections. It includes UK sockets, an RJ45 socket for network connectivity, and twin USB fast charging ports. This module is available in grey/silver.
  • Available in stocked finishes like beech and white. Additionally, they can be made-to-order with finishes such as grey oak, oak, and white tops. This flexibility allows you to choose a finish that matches your office's aesthetic.
  • The power modules can be easily dropped into the rectangular cutout on the table's surface. Cables are hardwired into these modules and are designed to feed down to the floor. This helps maintain a clean and organized appearance in the conference room while ensuring that power and data connections are readily available.
  • As with other Arrow Head tables, the leg frame of these conference tables features angular lines that resemble the point of an arrowhead. This design not only adds a touch of style but also provides stability, and the tables come with adjustable foot levellers to ensure they sit securely on uneven surfaces.