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Encore open high back 4 person meeting booth with table and sled frame

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Encore Open is a versatile and customizable meeting pod designed to facilitate collaboration and interaction among team members or colleagues. Here are some key features of Encore Open:

  • Multiple Seating Options: Encore Open is available in 2, 4, or 6-person configurations. You can choose the seating capacity that best suits your office's needs.
  • Open-Sided Design: Unlike its larger counterpart, the Encore Pod, Encore Open features an open-sided design, creating a more informal and accessible atmosphere. It's a perfect choice for informal meetings and discussions.
  • Comfort and Support: The seating in Encore Open is designed for comfort and lumbar support, featuring deep-foamed seat construction. This ensures that occupants can sit comfortably during meetings or collaborative work.
  • Variety of Fabric Options: The seating cushions come in multiple fabric options, allowing you to select the upholstery that matches your office's decor or design preferences.
  • Effective Noise Reduction: The high sides of the booth not only provide privacy but also offer effective noise reduction. This makes Encore Open an ideal solution for open office environments where a quiet and focused meeting space is needed.
  • Tabletop Options: The meeting pod includes tabletops available in white or kendal oak with matching edging. These tables provide space for discussions, note-taking, or placing essential items during meetings.

Encore Open is a practical seating solution designed to create a comfortable and functional space within an open office environment. It allows teams to gather, collaborate, and share ideas while maintaining a level of privacy and noise reduction, enhancing the overall office experience.


Height: 1270, Width: 2250, Depth: 1295,

Seat height: 450, Seat width: 1200, Seat depth: 490,

Back height: 850, Back width: 1190;