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Oslo square back reception 1 seater sofa 800mm wide

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The Oslo fully upholstered sofa is designed for adaptability, comfort, and style in various settings.

  • Aesthetic Simplicity and Angular Corners: The sofa boasts aesthetic simplicity with angular corners, providing a clean and modern look. This design makes it versatile, allowing it to seamlessly fit into different spaces.
  • Generous Proportions: The sofa is characterized by generous proportions, ensuring ample seating space. This feature contributes to the comfort of users, making it suitable for various applications.
  • Available in 1, 2, and 3 Seater Options: The Oslo sofa is available in different configurations, including 1, 2, and 3-seater options. This variety allows for flexibility in designing seating arrangements based on space requirements.
  • Multitude of Fabric Options: The sofa offers a multitude of fabric options, giving users the opportunity to choose upholstery that aligns with the overall aesthetic of the space. This customization ensures that the sofa complements various interior designs.
  • Deep Cushioned Seats and Backs: Deep cushioned seats and backs enhance the comfort level of the sofa, providing a plush seating experience. This feature is particularly beneficial for reception areas and informal meeting spaces.
  • Square Block Design: The square block design adds a contemporary touch to the sofa's appearance. It contributes to a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, making it suitable for diverse office environments.
  • Ideal for Reception, Waiting, and Breakout Areas: The Oslo sofa is designed to be versatile, making it suitable for reception areas, waiting rooms, informal meeting spaces, and breakout areas. Its adaptability allows it to serve different purposes within the office.
  • Suitable for Informal Meetings: Ideal for informal meeting spaces, providing a comfortable and relaxed setting for discussions and collaboration outside traditional meeting rooms.
  • Matching Feet Options: The sofa comes with matching feet options that allow it to glide across the floor smoothly. This feature contributes to the sofa's functionality and ease of placement.
  • Upholstered Reception Seating: - The Oslo sofa is designed as upholstered reception seating, adding a touch of sophistication to modern office interiors. The upholstery contributes to a cohesive and polished look.

In summary, the Oslo fully upholstered sofa is a versatile and stylish seating solution suitable for a range of office spaces. With its customizable fabric options, deep cushioning, and adaptable design, it provides both comfort and aesthetic appeal in reception, waiting, and breakout areas.


Height: 850, Width: 800, Depth: 710,

Seat height: 455, Seat width: 555, Seat depth: 525,

Back height: 395, Back width: 555;