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Encore modular single seater low back sofa with no arms and black sled frame

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The Encore Modular is a versatile and reconfigurable soft seating system designed to adapt to various office settings and purposes. Here are some key features of the Encore Modular:

  • Reconfigurability: The Encore Modular is highly reconfigurable, making it easy to adjust to different workspaces and meeting requirements. It can be grouped together to create large landscape configurations, which are well-suited for meetings and reception areas. Additionally, it can be used as stand-alone pieces in various settings.
  • Two-Tone Fabric Options: The seating system offers two-tone fabric options, allowing you to choose colour combinations that match your office decor or design preferences.
  • Low Backs with Curved Arms: The low back design with curved arms creates a stylish and comfortable spot for collaborative discussions, focused tasks, or informal meetings.
  • Comprehensive Set: The Encore Modular consists of six seating units, a divider, and tables that can be assembled in multiple configurations, providing flexibility in setting up your office space to meet your specific needs.
  • Frame Options: This modular seating system offers a choice of distinctive black metal sled frames or oak sled frames to complement your office's aesthetics.
  • Multi-Functional: The Encore Modular is a multi-functional soft seating system that can be used in various spaces, adding impact and versatility to any environment.

Whether you need to create a welcoming and functional meeting space or want to enhance collaborative and informal areas, the Encore Modular offers a flexible solution that can be customized to fit your office's unique requirements.


Height: 790, Width: 600, Depth: 730,

Seat height: 450, Seat width: 590, Seat depth: 490,

Back height: 500, Back width: 590;