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Libra – High Back Fabric Manager Chair with Slimline Seat & Back, Built-in Levers and Nylon Base with Silver Detail

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Libra high back chair combines a refined design with functional features, making it both visually appealing and comfortable for users. The emphasis on a slimline and compact aesthetic adds to its versatility in various office settings.

  • Expansive High Back Upholstered Backrest: The chair features an expansive high back upholstered backrest, providing ample support and comfort for the user.
  • Dependable Frame: The frame of the chair is designed to be dependable, ensuring stability and durability.
  • Slimline Seat: The seat is slimline, offering a sleek and compact design while maintaining comfort.
  • Height Adjustable Arms: The arms of the chair are height adjustable, allowing users to customize the armrest height for optimal comfort.
  • Padded Armrests: The armrests are padded, enhancing comfort, and providing support to the arms.
  • Black Nylon Base with Silver Detailing: The chair is supported by a black nylon base with silver detailing, contributing to its overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Seat Height Adjustment: The chair offers seat height adjustment, allowing users to set the chair at their preferred height.
  • Seat Slide: The seat comes with a slide mechanism, providing flexibility in adjusting the depth of the seat to accommodate different body sizes and preferences.
  • Synchronous Mechanism: The chair features a synchronous mechanism, enabling coordinated movement between the seat and backrest. This mechanism can enhance comfort and support during reclining.
  • Built-in Levers: The control levers for seat height adjustment, seat slide, and synchronous mechanism are subtly built into the chair, maintaining a compact and visually stylish aesthetic.


Seat width: 605, Seat depth: 590, Seat height: 485-565'

Back width: 600, Back height: 820;