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Jota ergo 24hr ergonomic asynchro task chair

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The Jota Ergo 24-hour task chair is specifically designed for constant use, providing ergonomic features for all-day comfort.

  • Durability and Usage: 24-hour ergonomic seating, making it suitable for environments that require continuous support, such as call centres and hospitals.
  • Adjustability:
    • Height-adjustable arms for personalized comfort.
    • Asynchro mechanism offers free-floating back action and lockable seat and back.
    • Back rake adjustment with lumbar support enhances back comfort.
    • Independent seat tilt adjustment for customizable seating positions.
    • Weight tension control with seat depth adjustment for added flexibility.
  • Comfort: CMHR (Combustion Modified High Resilience) high resilience, flexible foam seats ensure enhanced comfort even during extended usage.
  • Variety: Stocked in blue, black, and red colour options with additional made-to-order fabric choices, providing design flexibility.
  • Base: Stylish chrome base adds a modern touch to the chair.

The Jota Ergo 24-hour task chair is a robust and comfortable seating solution, catering to environments where individuals require support for extended periods. Its ergonomic design, along with various adjustable features, aims to enhance user comfort and productivity. The chair's durability and thoughtful features make it well-suited for intensive use in demanding work settings.


Height: 1050-1180; Width: 680; Depth: 650; 

Seat height: 470-600; Seat width: 520; Seat depth: 500;

Back height: 590; Back width: 450;