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Lucca - High Back Managers Chair

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The Lucca chair is designed with a focus on design, style, and functionality, making it suitable for managers' offices and front-of-house areas.

  • Contoured Lower Back with Adjustable Lumbar: The chair features a contoured lower back with adjustable lumbar support, providing added comfort and ergonomic support for the lower back.
  • Gas Height Adjustment and Weight Tension Control: It comes with gas height adjustment, allowing users to customize the chair's height for optimal comfort. The weight tension control feature adds flexibility and adaptability to the chair.
  • Gun Metal Nylon Arms and Base: The chair is equipped with gun metal nylon arms and base, contributing to a modern design and adding a touch of sophistication to the workspace.
  • High Back Posture Chair with Matching Upholstered Arms: With a high back design, the chair provides support for the entire back, and the matching upholstered arms enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Panel Stitch Design to Seat and Back: The panel stitch design on the seat and back adds a stylish touch to the overall appearance of the chair.
  • Stylish Fabric Manager Chair with User Weight Tension Control: The chair is upholstered in a stylish fabric, making it suitable for managerial positions. The user weight tension control allows individuals to adjust the chair's tension based on their preferences.

The Lucca chair combines comfort, style, and functionality, making it a suitable choice for managerial roles and areas where a modern and sophisticated design is desired.


Width: 625; Depth: 740; Height: 1095-1185;

Seat Height: 465-565; Seat Width: 520; Seat Depth: 490;

Back Height: 700; Back Width: 520;