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Delph - Medium Back Leather Faced Executive Armchair

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The medium-back leather-faced executive office chair offers a comfortable and stylish seating solution for office use.

    • Leather-Faced Design: The chair features a leather-faced design, combining the luxurious look and feel of leather with additional materials for durability.
      • Button Detail and Decorative Stitching: The backrest of the chair is adorned with button detailing and decorative stitching, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to its design.
        • Sculpted Integral Lumbar Support: The chair provides sculpted integral lumbar support, which helps maintain good posture and reduce discomfort during extended periods of sitting.
          • Seat Height Adjustment: Users can easily adjust the seat height to find the most comfortable seating position for their work needs.
            • Stylish Heavy-Duty Arms: The chair is equipped with stylish heavy-duty arms, providing additional support and comfort for the user.
              • Large Black Nylon Base: The chair features a large black nylon base that adds stability and support to the seating solution.
                • Twin Wheel Hooded Castors: The chair is designed with twin wheel hooded castors, allowing for smooth and effortless movement across various floor surfaces.
                  • All-Day Use (5-8 Hours): This chair is suitable for all-day use, accommodating users who require comfortable seating for extended work periods.
                    • Weight Capacity (Up to 110kg): The chair is rated to support users with a weight of up to 110kg, ensuring durability and stability for a wide range of individuals.

                      In summary, the medium-back leather-faced executive office chair offers a combination of style, comfort, and functionality. Its leather-faced design, button detail, decorative stitching, lumbar support, and adjustable features make it a suitable choice for long workdays. The large base and castors enhance its stability and mobility, making it a great value for office use.


                      Seat width: 430; Seat depth: 440; Seat height: 420-520;

                      Back width: 430; Back height: 500;