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Saxon rectangular poseur worktable with 4 oak legs

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Saxon worktables transition the workplace from one that’s fixed and formal to a space that suits a variety of preferences and working habits. Dining and poseur height tables are a creative, practical solution for any meeting area or breakout space, but components can be added and combined in limitless ways to create flexible, fluid work areas where people gather, keeping people connected to their technology and each other.
  • Uncomplicated Design for Versatility: The worktables feature an uncomplicated design that promotes versatility, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into various workplace settings.
  • Exceptional Stability for Reliable Support: Boasting exceptional stability, Saxon Worktables provide a reliable support system for a wide range of work activities, ensuring a steady and secure workspace.
  • Multi-Functional Tables for Dynamic Use: These multi-functional tables are ideal for pairing with wooden frame stools, offering a flexible solution for impromptu meetings, collaborative sessions, or casual discussions.
  • Poseur Height Tables with Foot Ring: Poseur height tables with a foot ring enhance stability, making them suitable for standing meetings, quick discussions, or as elevated workstations.
  • Rectangular Poseur Tables with Straight Edges: The rectangular poseur tables feature straight edges and 25mm tops, providing a sleek and contemporary look that complements modern office aesthetics.
  • Sleek, Curved Wooden Legs: The worktables showcase sleek, curved wooden legs that contribute to an inviting and modern atmosphere. The combination of wood and metal creates a stylish contrast.
  • Sturdy White Metal Underframe: A sturdy white metal underframe ensures durability and longevity, supporting the tables' structure and maintaining a cohesive design.
  • Tops in Kendal Oak, Onyx Grey, and White: Choose from a variety of finishes, including kendal oak, onyx grey, and white, allowing you to customize the look of your workspace. Made-to-order (MTO) laminate options provide further flexibility.


Height: 1100, Width: 1800, Depth: 800;