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City Centre Desk

by Teknik
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The Teknik Office City Centre Desk in a refined Champagne Oak finish is an excellent choice for creating a productive and stylish study area in your home. This sturdy and elegant desk provides an ample work surface, ideal for your laptop, a work lamp, and your favourite coffee cup. The durable satin taupe-coloured metal frame, with perforated metal construction, adds to its modern aesthetic and ensures longevity. One of the standout features of this desk is its flexibility – you can assemble it with the shelves on the left or the right, offering versatility and various design options. Furthermore, the desk boasts a 360-degree all-round finish, allowing for versatile placement within your home.

    • Spacious Work Area.
      • Customizable Shelving that, can be assembled on either the left or right side, providing flexibility in design and functionality.
        • 360-degree all-round finish, this desk can be placed in various locations within your home, adapting to your space and style.

          Elevate your home office or study area with the Teknik Office City Centre Desk. Its durability, flexibility in assembly, and all-round finish make it a versatile and stylish choice, designed to enhance your work or study space.


          Width: 1192; Depth: 528; Height: 762;