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Nordic - Compact and Curvaceous High Gloss Workstation

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The stylish home office workstation is designed for functionality and aesthetic appeal, providing a comfortable and visually pleasing workspace.  The combination of a spacious worktop, a stylish flush drawer, and a choice between white and black high gloss finishes makes this home office workstation a versatile and attractive piece of furniture. Its design is aimed at providing both functionality and a contemporary aesthetic for a comfortable and productive home office environment.

  • Spacious Worktop made from 42mm Hollow Board: The workstation features a spacious worktop made from 42mm hollow board. This provides ample surface area for various tasks, ensuring that users have enough space for their work, computer, or other essentials.
  • Stylish Flush Drawer Spans Width of the Unit: A stylish flush drawer spans the width of the unit, offering a sleek and organized storage solution. This design not only adds to the overall aesthetics but also provides convenient storage space for office supplies or personal items.
  • Available in White and Black High Gloss Finishes: The workstation is available in both white and black high gloss finishes. This not only adds a touch of modern style but also allows users to choose a finish that complements their existing decor or personal preferences.
  • Open Design Allows Maximum Leg Room: The open design of the workstation ensures maximum legroom for the user. This feature enhances comfort during extended periods of work and promotes a more ergonomic working posture.


Width: 1100; Depth: 590; Height: 760;