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Delphi - Workstation

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The Delphi Workstation with Integrated Storage Pedestal is a stylish and functional piece of furniture designed for home office use.

    • Concrete Grey Finish: The workstation features a concrete grey finish, giving it an industrial and contemporary look that's perfect for trend-setters and style-conscious individuals.
      • Weathered Grey Desktop: The desktop is finished in weathered grey, providing a contrasting and visually appealing surface for work or study.
        • Create a Productive Environment: This workstation is designed to help you create a productive work or study environment within your home. It allows you to focus on tasks while minimizing distractions.
          • Industrial Style: The workstation follows an industrial style, adding a touch of chic and modernity to your home office setup.
            • Integrated Modesty Panel: The integrated modesty panel in concrete grey complements the overall design and provides additional privacy.
              • Integrated Pedestal: The workstation comes with an integrated pedestal that includes a drawer and a cupboard for convenient storage of office supplies, files, or personal items.
                • Transform Your Space: Whether you have a large or small space, this workstation is designed to transform any area into an ideal home office. Its compact design offers functionality without taking up too much room.

                  In summary, the Delphi Workstation with Integrated Storage Pedestal is a stylish and versatile solution for individuals working or studying from home. Its concrete grey finish, weathered grey desktop, integrated storage, and industrial style make it a trendy choice for creating a productive and chic home office environment.


                  Width: 1360; Depth: 600; Height: 760;