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Adapt - Mass Vertical Cable Riser for Intermediate Bench Leg

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The Adapt benching system boasts a robust steel subframe and desk tops that create a visually floating effect, delivering a sleek and minimalist aesthetic to any workplace. The innovative design allows desk legs to be shared, resulting in an attractive, cost-effective, and practical solution ideally suited for high-density office spaces. In the modern office environment, the Adapt benching system truly stands out.

  • Available in silver, white, and black, perfectly matching frame colours to suit your preference and office decor.
  • Cables are neatly tucked away but remain easily accessible for convenience.
  • Designed to fit between recessed center leg supports, facilitating the organized routing of cables from the floor into shared cable trays.
  • The front panel can be quickly and effortlessly removed to gain access to wires, ensuring ease of maintenance and cable management.

Upgrade your workspace with the Adapt benching system, a smart solution that combines style, practicality, and efficiency for the contemporary office.


Height: 500; Width: 390; Depth: 65;