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Denver - Glass Shelf

Original price £165.00 - Original price £185.00
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£165.00 - £185.00
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The Valley modular reception unit is a versatile solution to create a welcoming and functional reception area in your business. It is designed to cater to the needs of visitors, including valued customers and prospective job candidates attending interviews.

  • Adequate Storage: The unit provides ample storage space to ensure that the reception area remains organized and uncluttered. This is essential for creating a professional and efficient workspace.
  • Configurable Design: You can combine base units and counter tops with glass shelves in various configurations to create a bespoke unit space. This configurability allows you to adapt the reception area to your specific needs.

  • Multiple Desk Configurations: The unit's flexibility allows you to create multiple desk configurations, making it suitable for various tasks and activities that occur in the reception area.

  • Color Options: The Valley reception unit is available in beech, and you can choose to add optional white panels to create a more customized and unique look that matches your office decor.

  • Executive Appearance: By adding glass shelves, you can enhance the unit's appearance and create a more executive and high-end look and feel in the reception area.

In summary, the Valley modular reception unit is a versatile and functional solution that ensures your reception area makes a lasting first impression on all visitors. Its flexibility, ample storage, and optional glass shelves allow you to tailor the reception area to your specific requirements while maintaining a professional and welcoming atmosphere.