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Flux modular storage single wooden planter box

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The Flux modular shelving system stands out as a forward-thinking and adaptable solution for modern design.

  • Enhanced Configurability: Flux offers an infinite number of layout options and shapes, allowing users to create diverse work zones tailored to specific needs. This adaptability promotes both privacy and transparency as required, making it a versatile choice for various office environments.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The crisp and clean aesthetic of the black frame serves a dual purpose. It not only contributes to the modern and contemporary appearance of the shelving system but also helps break up the workplace landscape. The design ensures a cohesive look while bringing together a range of complementary components and products.
  • Finish Options: Flux is available in grey oak or Kendal oak finishes, providing users with the flexibility to choose a finish that aligns with their design preferences. This contributes to the system's adaptability to different office styles.
  • Innovative Plant or Pot Area: A notable feature of Flux is the inclusion of an area in the top designed for plants or standing pots. This innovative addition adds a touch of nature to the workspace, contributing to a more vibrant and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Fully Welded Frame Construction: The fully welded frame construction not only ensures easy installation but also adds strength to the overall structure. This robust construction enhances the durability and stability of the modular shelving system.
  • Modular Grid-Based System: Flux is designed as a modular grid-based shelving and storage system, providing adaptability and flexibility. This modular approach allows users to customize the system to suit different spatial layouts and functional requirements.

The Flux modular shelving system emerges as a dynamic and contemporary solution that seamlessly integrates into modern office design. Its emphasis on adaptability, aesthetics, and functionality makes it a valuable addition to flexible and innovative workspaces.


Height: 195; Width: 420; Depth: 420;