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Project - Fortus

Project - Fortus


Business Advisors & Accountants Fortus recently contacted our sister company Foursquare Workspace with a view to fitting out their Southampton office with brand new furniture in order to modernise their workplace and allow their workforce to return to the office with all of the necessary facilities already in place.


Once we had met the client and discussed their requirements and what type of furniture they needed, we drew up and accurate quote that included all of the necessary furniture. Their branding, which primarily used orange, was taken into account and we chose suitable fabrics to match their corporate image.

After the furniture was agreed we created a number of detailed floorplans for the client to give them a much better idea of how their office would look post-fit out.


We carried out work in a number of different areas in the building:

Open Plan Office / Directors Office

The main office area was populated by modular 4 person bench desks partnered with comfortable mesh back operator chairs. Alongside this semi-clear desktop screens were installed in order to give staff privacy while they worked and storage units including tambour cupboards and lockers were put in place. To finish off monitor arms were attached to each workstation and all the necessary power solutions were installed including starter leads, cable trays and gang power units.

Similar work was carried out in the Directors Office, where instead of bench desking a single 1400mm straight desk was installed, but included a mobile steel pedestal so the user had suitable space to store documents and stationary. Visitor chairs were also added to allow for meetings with colleagues.

Breakout Area

A mix of regular and poseur four legged stools were introduced into the breakout area to allow for a range of different functions and activities. To complement these a round 800mm dining table was added so users could relax and have their lunch away from their desk.

Meeting Rooms

The building included three separate meeting rooms so we needed to consider the different amount of space available in each. For the two larger meeting rooms, we installed large 8 person meeting tables and executive conference chairs so users could hold important conferences and discussions with minimal disruption. Pop-up power modules were also added.

For the final smaller meeting room a 6 person meeting table was installed, and in similar fashion to the others, executive conference chairs and pop-up power modules were also added. Finally, we integrated a Credenza 2 door cabinet into the room to allow for storage of all the necessary equipment and supplies needed.

Reception / Waiting Area

Configurable soft seating was placed in the client waiting area as a focal point and in corporate colours alongside a matching square coffee table. In the reception area, a 2 person reception desk with flat frontage and curved facing corner was installed with mesh back operator seating and a mobile pedestal.


The workspace has been rejuvenated with modern furniture that not only serves it’s purpose brilliantly but is also stylish and fits in perfectly with the office design and the company branding. Every area has been covered so staff can work in comfort at their desk, attend meetings with their colleagues and take some time out to rewind and have their lunch in a welcoming breakout area.

Are you looking to redesign your office? Please contact us on 0800 6347 415 or Alternatively visit our sister company Foursquare Workspace for more information.

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